Harmonic Journey’s End

August 16, 2021 First, I want to give full credit to the name of this blog entry to the Phantom Regiment, who’s retro performance of their epic program – Harmonic Journey was the best salve for drum corps fans that had sorely missed the live activity for over 22 months. It seemed to be fitting to end this 2021 tour … Continue Reading →

From the Fifty

August 11, 2021 I’m sitting in row 13 at the 50-yard line, thanks to publisher Steve, who had some extra seats not taken. The DCI Celebration is in its second day. The touring corps are performing, intermixed with age-out ceremonies and solo performance by the talented musicians who have come so far. The Cadets just played an encore of Dave … Continue Reading →

Indy or Bust 2021

4:20pm I am finally in Lucas Oil Stadium sitting in the club room in the middle of the stadium. The Madison Scouts are on the field and I am watching them on video as I was just too late getting in due to a technical snafu on my email ticket. This I straightened out with the ticket window and the … Continue Reading →

From Zoar to Xenia

August 11, 2021 From Akron to Zoar to Xenia Ohio; that was my planned travel route from eastern to western Ohio in the pursuit of great DCI music-in-motion for my wanting eyes and ears, and in pursuit of the North Country Trail for my legs and heart. Both are good for my soul. I have been so lucky with weather … Continue Reading →

Westward Bound for DCI

August 10, 2021 “It’s rainin’ outside, and that’s not unusual. But the way that I’m feeling is becoming usual.” – Uriah Heep. I am sitting comfortably in the Hilton Gardens in Akron, OH feeling great after another great night of DCI. The Bluecoats home show never disappoints. Again, in the Infocision Stadium, I had an awesome seat, first row, second … Continue Reading →

Where the Trail Crosses the Road

August 7, 2021, 4:20pm – Allentown, PA Yup, by the sheer grip on the wheel at 9:30 and 2:30, and the pedal to the mid-metal, I have transported the loaded Silver Bullet and myself to Allentown, PA. Ten bucks gets the choice parking spot behind the Hamilton Family Diner, one block from J. Birney Crum Stadium, home to DCI’s East … Continue Reading →

80 + 1 – BAC On the Move Again

August 3, 2021 Zoom is the operative word as I traversed several states in the pursuit of my favorite summer things – hiking, and the musical and visual experience of DCI, youth performances. Caffeine, cruise control, and rock n’ roll was the mode in the Silver Bullet (Volvo) and I arrived safely at Patriot Place in Foxboro, MA in record … Continue Reading →

A Walking Force-for-Good on the North Country Trail

July 24, 2021 Today is Saturday and I gave my feet the pleasure of a walk around the Waitsfield Farmer’s Market and a short stretch of the sidewalk, crossing Main Street twice. The past week they have propelled me along roughly forty-six miles of hiking in the Green Mountains and the Champlain Valley. Not accustomed to that much confinement in … Continue Reading →

A Day in Moosalamoo with Denali

July 18, 2021 It was a day in the Green Mountain National Rain Forest. Intermittent, sometimes strong and steady, the rain did not deter our progress along the Oak Ridge and Moosalamoo Trails. Long-distance hiker Denali (trail name) and I were off on her 4,700-mile mission to complete the North Country Trail. We were traversing the Moosalamoo National Recreation Area, near Ripton, … Continue Reading →

A Curtain of Love in Carolina

July 12, 2021 “It was like the stadium was wrapped in a curtain of love,” remarked Tim Martin following the opening night of DCI. Tim had just been inducted into the Carolina Crown Hall of Fame with three other deserving Crown Family members – Jim Williams, and Susan and Ron Murphy. “I’m just a drum corps kid from a drum … Continue Reading →