A Curtain of Love in Carolina

July 12, 2021 “It was like the stadium was wrapped in a curtain of love,” remarked Tim Martin following the opening night of DCI. Tim had just been inducted into the Carolina Crown Hall of Fame with three other deserving Crown Family members – Jim Williams, and Susan and Ron Murphy. “I’m just a drum corps kid from a drum … Continue Reading →

Wood, Windows and Words

September 13, 2020 I’m a little behind in my putting down some words here along the Mill Brook, so it is time to catch up a little. This is the time of year that we enjoy the crack between the seasons here in the Mad River Valley. That is, the time when we get the Valley back to ourselves, with … Continue Reading →

Vermont Forest Industry Summit

By Kevin Russell I recently returned from two days immersed in Vermont’s forests, though I spent most of my time indoors seated at a conference table. I attended the Vermont Forest Industry Summit, a conference organized by the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund held at the Burke Hotel and Conference Center at the venerable ski area in the Northeast Kingdom. This … Continue Reading →

A Day at the Fayston School

October 17, 2019 Everyone should spend a day substitute teaching in their local Kindergarten Class. Ok, since this is not practical or possible, let me share with you my thoughts about how restorative this can be to your hopefulness for the future and how important it is to continue to support our small elementary schools. Maybe you read my blog … Continue Reading →

Fruits of My Labor, Fruits of the Valley

August 31, 2019 As I am in my sixty-fifth year, I have begun to enjoy the fruits of my labor and have semi-retired. In Vermont, that means I only have seven sources of income this year. Of course, I am not really idle, managing one remaining sidewalk project as Municipal Project Manager. I also teach skiing in the winter, coach … Continue Reading →

Detroit DCI Premiere

June 20, 2019 – Detroit 9:50am Yesterday, I arrived at the Detroit airport (DTW) on a non-stop flight from Burlington, VT (BTV) to visit friends and see the premiere DCI event at Ford Field tonight. Each airport could not be more uniquely different. At Burlington International Airport the parking garage, check in counter, and gates are all within a few … Continue Reading →

A Day at the Warren School

If you think the world is upside down these days, spend a day at your local school. Recently, I have been substitute teaching at the Warren School, and each day I spend there bolsters my hope for the future. I have been a parent, and I am now a grand parent of the neighboring Fayston School. Volunteering as a ski … Continue Reading →