DCI Semi Finals

August 11, 2017 – Semi Finals 3:00 PM I am in downtown Indianapolis. Tonight the Boston Crusaders are going into the DCI semifinal competition in solid 6th place following the preliminary competition last night. This is where the corps has been ranked by Drum Corps Planet for most of the season. At one point in the season, BAC was ranked 5th based on DCP … Continue Reading →

DCI Quarter Finals

August 10, 2017 – Preliminary Competition 11:30 AM It is a show day and our third day on the campus of Grand Park. The brass sections are going through their warm up with wa, wa, wa, wa, waaa increasing and then decreasing in half steps in succession. They are accompanied by the hum of the mowers cutting the adjoining natural turf fields. Ensemble rehearsal … Continue Reading →

Pursuit of Perfection

August 9, 2017 – Good morning Indiana! I hit the air mattress in the back of the Volvo about 10:30 PM last night. This was long before the members returned to the Red Roof Inn just outside of Indianapolis. Lights out for them was midnight. Breakfast was at 7:00am this morning. It is another fine day here at Grand Park where the Boston Crusaders … Continue Reading →

Indy or Bust

August 8, 2017 – Indy or Bust 8:30 AM After a dawn patrol drive, I am now sitting at a rest area in rural Indiana, 50 miles from Indianapolis. Once the parking lot cleared at the Paul Brown Tiger Stadium in Massillon last night, I posted the last update to my blog, put away my computer and headed west. Around midnight, I pulled off … Continue Reading →

Drums Along the Mohawk and Massillon II

August 7, 2017 – Tour of Champions, Massillon 7:30 PM I have been driving all morning through western New York and Pennsylvanian to Ohio. Last night at Drums Along the Mohawk in Rome was my first day back on the volunteer job – prop crew with the Boston Crusaders. I gave my ticket that I had purchased months ago to my nephew who joined … Continue Reading →

Allentown – Day 2

August 6, 2017  Rome Haul Today, I am on my way to Rome, New York, as smallish venue for Drums Along the Mohawk. I will be staying in Clinton visiting my sister on the farm in her beautiful Italianate farmhouse. It is a private residence that would rival any bed and breakfast in Vermont. What a treat from the life on the road at … Continue Reading →

Allentown – Day 1

August 5, 2017 11:00 AM Allentown brings out the best in drum corps. All the corps on last night were really on their game. I had a blast sitting in the epicenter of sight and sound at section R, row 9, seat 11. Boom! I will leave the reviews and judgments up to others. However, the one exception that I will make is to … Continue Reading →

Tour of Champions in Chester

August 4, 2017 12:00 Midnight I am back at the hotel, too restless to sleep. I now realize what a small world drum corps can be. I met George and Cathy – drum corps fans at the VIP gathering. BTW the food was great including the ice cream. They invited me to join them at their table and we enjoyed a fruitful discussion on … Continue Reading →

Smoke in Clifton, NJ

 August 2, 2017 – 2:45 PM Well, I caught up with the BAC at Mount Olive High School, in New Jersey just as I left them in Muncie, Indiana – in the pouring rain. The roads are flooded and I have been sitting in my car in the parking lot for quite a while due to the heavy downpours. I am not sure what … Continue Reading →

I’m Running Away with the Drum Corps – Part II

This is a continuing series of posts following my initial adventure  – I Ran Away with the Drum Corps. July 26, 2017 – Anticipation Here I find myself again, sitting along the Mill Brook contemplating my next drum corps tour, a six day run of shows where I will get a chance to catch up with the Boston Crusaders (BAC) again. Perhaps you read … Continue Reading →